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SpatialMedia is committed to providing our clients with the best support for our products and services. We offer 'self-guided' assistance through our web-based tutorials and FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ) section. We also offer a technical advice and support service, and we are very keen to assist you with any aspect of your project - Data Profiling, Web Mapping Implementation, Training, Application Development.

Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ section is updated regularly with common (and not so common) questions about the operation of spatialmedia's products and on-line services. Click here to read the map-TV FAQ. Please note that our tutorial section is being redeveloped to include a small sample data set, and is not currently available. Please email our webmaster who will prod somebody here in our office to get it back on-line.

Technical Advice & Support
SpatialMedia provides a subscription-based Annual Support Contract offering technical advice & support, and software upgrades. Please contact our technical support office for further information.

Non Documented Features
If any of our products are not doing what they ought to be doing, we want to know. Please submit a few details about the problem to our techsupport people.

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