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EMAMLExtensible Map Application Markup Language
To the casual observer, EMAML is just a powerful new way of building highly functional geographic applications that harness either ESRI(R) ArcIMS(tm) or our own map-TV server.
EMAML allows you to weave interactive maps and related user interface elements into web pages, for instant functionality, by simply adding tags.
EMAML also allows developers with no web experience to write Visual Basic applications, that are 100% web enabled, require no plugins etc on the client -but do not require any special web programming.

What EMAML is really about however is enabling users to surf your GIS. Sure, you can write applications incredibly easily with EMAML -but the revolution is all about throwing away the "one size fits all" model of monolithic Applications (in the use of which users are "trained") and replacing them with interactive pages that bridge the gap between application and content.

SpatialMedia's hosting services are now EMAML powered. Our Intramap property enquiry application for ArcIMS(tm) or map-TV is built solely using EMAML tags. EMAML Studio, for further customising tag based content in Visual Basic is in Beta form. Please contact Peter Fraser if you would like to receive a demonstration of EMAML or join the beta program.

SpatialMedia's flagship product. map-TV is a complete web mapping solution designed for easy GUI driven configuration, high server throughput and high level functionality including MetaData management, data capture from web clients and user authentication. map-TV has been a popular solution for many local and international organisations.

For a list of map-TV product options and prices, click here.

For more information on map-TV read the FAQ.

For a FREE copy, click on the download button.

map-TV Open
Extended functionality and Application Development Interface optionally using the map-TV SDK for Active Server Pages. A white paper is available in rtf format.

map-TV CS
Client Server Map-TV. The standard interface is available, but an ActiveX client extends the benefits of map-TV to any Windows application capable of hosting an ActiveX control. Map-TV CS lets developers have the best of both worlds -the flexibility and rapid development provided by a local mapping component and the benefits of a thin client distributed architecture.

map-CV. Mapping for corporateVision
Map-CV is a bridge between map-TV and Fujitsu® corporateVisionTM. It delivers users the functions they want: Open map and highlight property from within corporateVision, and click on property to open corporateVision screens for parcel assessment etc. Please contact Chris Shaw for a copy of the CD distributed at the 2002 corporateVision users' conference.

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