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Peter Fraser. Peripheral Visionary, GIS pastoralist, and convert to Rest First Development.

SpatialMedia is the commercial face of Peter Fraser. My real face is above -albeit slightly obscured..
For the record, I live New Zealand (think beaches and open space), in the fine city of Auckland (think gridlock).

I work at home as much as I can.
Certain sections of SpatialMedia code were written by my kids, who are (were) one and three, and the rest is me.

I don't blog. I'll get around to blogging sometime, but here links below to a couple of pages that give you and idea of what I'm up to.

I work on what I like to call "popular GIS" (Geographic Information Technology -but you know that already). I'm interested in wide, non-expert audiences doing non-trivial things with GIS. Not surprisingly then, I work mostly on web GIS, with some mobile stuff. I tend to do experimental work with 100% SpatialMedia products, and commercial work for ESRI sites (who run our clients and middleware against ESRI servers).

My particular bent is the concept of content-centric as opposed to application-centric GIS. Just as the command line gave way to the GUI, I see applications dissolving into content.
To the extent that people are task-oriented, you might imagine every task being conducted through a 'wizard like' interface. To the extent that people want to tell stories, this content is interactive documents, or perhaps something more experiential.

I am particularly interested in what is between these extremes. Sometimes I talk about "computing as dinner theatre".

The elusive Pete F, captured on video (swearing profusely)

Me doing an "Ignite Spatial" talk. 5 minutes to say your thing, and the slides change automatically every 20 seconds. I cringe to watch this, but well, in the words of Gilbert or Sullivan, if you want to know who we are...

Not f'd  you won't find me on Facebook

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