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Windows 95/98
We do not recommend Windows 95/98 as a production platform for map-TV. However, Windows 98 and later versions of Windows 95 are appropriate for trialling the product and configuring map-TV projects to be served by NT machines.

Windows 95
  1. We have tested map-TV on Win95 OSR2.1 but not on earlier versions. There are known issues (affecting operation of other software even after uninstalling) if map-TV is installed on early versions of Windows 95. Do not install on pre OSR2.1 platforms without all recommended updates installed (and we do not recommend installation on these platforms even with patches).
  2. Windows 95 must have Windows Sockets 2 installed in order to install and run map-TV. If the map-TV install reports an error involving Files failed to self register.. this is probably the cause. Winsock2 can be downloaded from Search for "Windows Socket 2 Update".

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