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About Pete
You will probably learn more about SpatialMedia from my personal page than you will from the nonsense below.
About SpatialMedia

THE FOLLOWING IS VERY OUTDATED! (Not even worth your time to read)

A Solutions Company,
The GIS industry is fixated by relatively minor performance differences between competing technologies and products, yet value to the customer remains much more strongly related to how well a given technology is applied, than to which platform is selected.
specialising in Internet GIS
We built New Zealand's first Internet property mapping site in 1995 and most of our work since has involved deploying GIS services using Internet or Intranet technology.
using modern and effective development tools,
SpatialMedia deliver both software and solutions. Our solutions business relies on SpatialMedia development toolkits and API's really working for developers. We use these tools every day, for real projects. If a function is missing, we add it. If something doesn't work as expected, we fix it. If the documentation isn't complete, we complete it. If we have a great idea, we implement it.
combined with solid GIS experience.
No one at SpatialMedia has less than 10 years GIS experience, and yes we have done our time behind a digitiser.
We create integrated solutions,
We put "maps in apps". Our competitors still seem to want to put apps in maps.
that deliver for users,
It is very simple to put a web-mapping client in a user's browser. Whether it does what she needs, and does it simply is another matter -whether it does it fast is another question again. Occasionally, we have to build complex systems so they work simply for users, but mostly we keep things simple, and we always keep things fast. If your server can't complete a map request in under a second you are not in the game. If your mapping client can't download and start within five, you are not in the game.
with less risk
Roughly half our time is spent engaged in research and development, and we mean our time, not yours. Our experience and specialisation means that we know what works, and what doesn't. We build a few experimental lemons but we don't build them for customers. When we go on site we know what we are doing, and we have a project track record we are proud of.
and more innovation,
We are in this business because we love it. Anyone that works with us knows that we live web GIS and are never far from working out a newer, better approach. We really do want to hear your intractable business problem.
for a competitive price.
Sometimes the biggest challenge we face is reassuring prospective customers that the cheapest bid could be the best. Our commitment to low cost solutions in fact leads us to offer a complete, industrial strength web mapping package -completely free to anyone who wants to download it. We give technology away for free, because we sell solutions.

Our History
SpatialMedia is an Auckland, New Zealand based consultancy founded in 1999. It was established to take results from several years of web-mapping research to market. SpatialMedia focuses on the delivery of web-based GIS services, consulting, and software.
Recent projects include;
ARC Rideline Map (WAP and SMS) integration with OPCOM Journey Planner
Intranet Mapping Solutions for ESRI ArcIMS Queenstown Lakes District Council, Taupo District Council, Nelson City Council, Papakura District Council
Map enabling a customer call centre by integrating with Infra Corporation's InfraActiveTM solution. This integration was implemented for New Plymouth District Council and enables call center agents to view calls on a map in real time.
Tourism Tourism geographic analyst (TOGA) developed in partnership with the Spatial Analysis Facility at University of Auckland. TMINZ pilot web application allowing analysis and visualisation of domestic travel information..
Vehicle Tracking/Telematics In partnership with Frontier Technologies and Invision, SpatialMedia have delivered an application service provision platform for vehicle tracking applications.

Chris Shaw
NZCD (Survey),
Dip Bus (Info. Sys)
Chris Shaw is the managing director of SpatialMedia New Zealand Ltd. He has worked in the GIS industry in technical, management, and consulting roles for the past 13 years.
Peter Fraser
Peter Fraser is the technical director of SpatialMedia Ltd and has a national reputation for innovative software design. Peter is responsible for Research and Development and has been writing GIS applications for the past 12 years.

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